Stories of the Wounded Dr. Kevin Kulik

Who is the wounded healer?... ...It is every man, every woman that embraces HE, who's Calvary continues within each soul we meet. This is a place to rest, to laugh, to cry, to share the journey of Christ’s healing. Let this be a kind of interactive oasis for the Catholic soul.

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is a Chiropractor and Clinical Nutritionist in Massapequa Long Island. His encounter with God through his meeting with Mother Teresa early in his career set the tone for the kind of practice he would pursue. While blessing his hands she requested that each person he layed his hands on would be seen by him as if they were Christ. This has been a great challenge to say the least!; however as a result he attempts to bring that spirit to ordinary everyday folks while treating their pains and their illnesses. To see more of Dr K's activities and healing approach click Dr. Kevin Kulik above and go to his website @

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